You can help keep our trails in good shape!

Mendham Township has volunteer trail stewards who enjoy hiking, and while doing so will pick up litter, trim back small branches from bushes that are intruding into the trail, and report anything needing more heavy duty help from our friends in public works (DPW). We have over 55-miles (!!) of hiking trails in town, and we never have enough trail stewards to cover everything, but anyone who hikes can help and keep our trails in good shape. The link below will take you to a checklist that is a good guide for what to look for while hiking. It does not have to be completely or rigorously completed, it is just a guide and reminder. If you are enjoying a hike on one of our trails, feel free to:

  • Pick up litter (e.g., empty bottles, candy wrappers, etc.) and dispose of it properly.
  • Trim away any small branches or bushes that are growing into the trail.
  • Call town hall (973-543-4555) and report anything requiring DPW work, such as trees fallen across a trail and blocking hikers, washouts or erosion requiring fill or grading, vandalism, etc. Please tell them:
    • the name of the open space property you were in (e.g., "India Brook Park"),
    • which trail there you hiked (e.g., "white blazed trail"), and,
    • roughly where along the trail the work is needed (e.g., "just before the water company ponds, at the bottom of the hill, coming from the Combs Hollow Road entrance").
  • Note: If you do anything that feels difficult or like hard work, it's probably more than you should be doing and you should report the need to town hall so our trail stewards or DPW can handle it.

(Email Us if you have any suggestions or comments)